Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Wednesday 29th

So got here Monday night, first real news of the tsunami after the sketchy reports we got on the plane, awful stuff. Local news here of course quickly moves on to criticism of the Aussie government for what they didn’t do quickly enough… and I still haven’t met anyone who voted for Johnnie Howard ;-)

Lovely first day seeing Pen & Leon and family, lots of nice food and then trying to fight off the jetlag while Leon & James explained the rules of test match cricket… talk about a waste of time! Everyone’s complaining about the cold and dragging out the winter woollies – after leaving a white Christmas I’m acclimatizing well to a mild 18˚c or so, gives me a day or so to get used to it before it shoots back up to the 30s!

Bit of shopping today (just to get my head round the currency you understand) – public transport is bloody expensive here, thought the Luas was bad – and making plans for New Year’s Eve – it’s a really big deal here, even city council flags up in the streets advertising NYE 04. Fireworks should be good; we can see the harbour bridge from the front garden… Oh and Sydney has caught the creeping disease of outdoor xmas lighting, just as ott here as it is in Ballybough.

Ger leaves for Canada today – his text messages have a very stressed feel to them ;-)