Monday, January 10, 2005

Monday 10th

I’m really enjoying spending time with Penny & Leon – they’ve been so good to me. Pen & I go to the beach for a swim in the morning if the sun’s out & we still seem to fit in a good bit of shopping, Leon likes visiting museums and showing me his favourite spots in Sydney (& pubs!) so it all works out fine ;-)

Yesterday we went to the Brett Whitely Studio. I didn’t know that much about him but he’s a huge art icon here. Friend of Francis Bacon and you can see some parallels in the work / interests. Pretty tragic life and death too. I took a strong dislike to his paintings of women but liked his other work, particularly the landscapes. The studio is well done, gives a very strong feeling that the artist has just stepped out of the room… although we reckoned that when he was alive it would have to have been messier – artists and junkies just aren’t that neat! It’s a branch of the NSW Art Gallery and they change the paintings and drawings on display every few months, rotating with the main gallery collection. They also administer the Brett Whitely Travelling Scholarship set up by the artist’s mother – Ben won it 2 years ago.

Today Leon is showing me round his uni and tonight we’re going to the opening event of the Sydney Festival – Transe Express’ The Lazy Kings.

Oh and we sat out on the deck last night getting drunk and I added to my collection of mozzie bites – my arms look like they have the measles :-(