Monday, January 24, 2005

Monday 24th

Saturday was Leon’s birthday (Happy Birthday Leon!)

Flew back very early (and hungover) from Melbourne and went straight to the annual Larkin family picnic (Penny’s extended clan) at Bronte beach. Lovely (but very long) day. Great fun swimming – very strong undertow meant you spent most of your time in the water trying to stay upright, almost running against the current, with one eye making sure you’re still between the flags (lifeguards) and the other watching the surf – good cure for a hangover though!

Went to the Powerhouse Museum on Sunday – another Sydney festival event, called Eavesdrop, is on there. Kind of an interactive film, inside a circular surround screen where the viewer controls the narrative and chooses what ‘story’ to follow. Enjoyed it. Not sure what it reminded me of – possibly a Robert Altman film where you control the camera.

Wish I could say it was the main reason I went there but there’s a big ‘Lord of the Rings’ exhibition on there too ;-) All the information and video clips were pretty much the extras from the extended DVDs but it was good to see the costumes and props alongside them. Aragorn’s clothes were a bit of a highlight ;-)