Monday, January 31, 2005

Other Festival events…

Went to an open air cinema on Sydney Harbour last week, right down on the water. Lovely idea and great location, even if I was a bit distracted from the film by the flashing lights on the Bridge - glad that it wasn’t a film I was particularly keen on seeing ;-) It was The Notebook, a geriatric chick flick, good acting, woeful script.

Saw three exhibitions in the Museum of Sydney: Jorn Utzon’s original drawings and models for the Opera House and 2 shows celebrating living in Sydney, mainly photographic but some short films too. Nicely done and some lovely shots. The MOS is a good museum on its own, some interesting display ideas that I noted for when the Joyce Centre has a budget – ha!. Great bookshop too – had to keep reminding myself about luggage allowances ;-)

The Lee Bul exhibition at the MCA was really hyped up but I couldn’t get it at all – sort of a sci-fi feel to it, sculptures exploring the human body as a cyborg - it left me cold.

Going to see the Bill Henson show in the AGNSW today – last few days in Sydney and I’m trying to fit everything in!