Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tues 4th Jan

Well, the Bridget Riley exhibition was great. Some of the later stuff gets a bit samey but seeing the preparatory drawings was fascinating. Good crowd in at it too - everyone moving up to and away from the paintings, looking at them from odd angles - it was almost like an interactive display ;-)

Also saw Destiny Deacon's 'Walk and don't look blak', very strong political art, not just about aborigine issues.

The museum is excellent, right down on Circular Quay, with the ferries heading out in front of it, really interesting layout and display, great exhibitions, all free. It depends largely on corporate sponsors, mainly Telstra (telecommunications) but it's not overtly branded either. http://www.mca.com.au/

Dinner last night with some of Penny's family, and Ben & Kylie, friends of Leon's that I met up with in Dublin last year. Lots of fun. Bit hungover this morning... ;-))