Saturday, February 26, 2005

Borneo part 2

My visit to the orang utan sanctuary was great, just what I'd hoped for. There weren't too many people there - I had been worried that there would be busloads, but there was only about 50 or so. We saw 6 orang utans, including one very small baby, which is quite rare apparently, the mother normally keeps out of sight. The others using the feeding platform are gradually being weaned off human contact and you never know how many will show up on any given day - we were lucky.

Then in the afternoon I went on a boat trip upriver from Sandakan, through the mangrove forest to try and catch a glimpse of the supposedly rare proboscis monkey - that's big nose to you and me! Anyway, either we were very lucky or they're not that rare - we saw loads of them! It was great. Also pretty fascinating to see the water villages all along the river, corrugated iron houses on stilts, complete with the village mosque, also on stilts. Amazing stuff.