Monday, February 21, 2005


I've decided I prefer night flights, even if I don't sleep on them either, but a 10 hour daytime flight is so bloody boring! I even got bored with the zen!

Haven't had much fun today, it must be said! My body clock is all over the kip and some dozy bint ran over my foot with her luggage trolley in the airport last night so my ankle is all swollen & bruised - typical! So I limped off into KL this morning, temp 38C & humidity in the mid 60s and spent a few hours getting lost way outside my comfort zone ;-) I was, to put it mildly, a bit hot and bothered by the time I got back to the hotel (thank the gods for air conditioning and a pool!) which probably, but not quite, explains how I got talked into a night tour of chinatown by the hotel concierge. All very well in itself and quite enjoyable, even if all the others on the tour - mainly Indian with a few Chinese - saw me as a completely freakish European woman travelling on my own and almost as fascinating as the tour ;-)

However what I didn't realise was that the tour included dinner and a 'cultural performance' which is how I found myself in the Malay version of Jurys, or possibly that medieval banquet thing in Clare or Cork whose name escapes me now. I know we are pretty cynical about tourism in Ireland and pull the piss out of the yanks who end up there but I will have more sympathy in future and give them the benefit of the doubt - it might be jet lag! I ended up getting fits of giggles at the most innappropriate moments - I've seen Ger, Bill & John do better attempts at folk dancing ;-)) Ah well, it ended my evening with a smile anyway!

Off to Melaka tomorrow... will report anon. Internet is bloody expensive here too, and it's dial-up, so if I haven't answered an email from you, that's why ;-)