Friday, February 04, 2005

leaving Sydney...

my last few days in Oz went in a blur (or possibly an alcoholic haze ;-)) trying to get to see everyone and do all the last minute things - busy busy busy!

Very civilized dinner on Monday night in a great Japanese restaurant with Pen, Leon and Katie - shame we were so badly behaved afterwards ;-) the poor bar staff in the Four Seasons didn't know what hit them! So then Tuesday was a bit of a wash out, although a last swim at Coogee followed by breakfast did help the hangover a bit. Wendy and Russ cooked a lovely dinner for us that night - I'll have a lot of paying back to do if they come over to see Abe & Collette!

Lunch with Jim and Amy on Wednesday and then just spent the last day with Penny & Leon -very sad to be leaving them but I know it will not be as long again before I'm back - they wouldn't be that lucky ;-)) And I chose to cry in the airport - I have total control over my emotions, as everybody knows!