Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Chinese New Year, KL Posted by Hello

Melaka, or Malacca even, was great – well worth the long bus journey and crap tour guide. Really interesting history and lots of side streets and alleys to explore. Interesting to compare all the different Chinatowns I’ve seen recently – this one was pretty tame really! But the temple there was incredible – the oldest Chinese temple outside of China – very busy too, with the end of New Year approaching. We got a breather there only because our guide wanted to make an offering herself but then she led us on a merry chase through the town only pausing at certain shops – with no obligation to buy, of course ;-) Me and a Chinese-Canadian couple finally staged a mutiny at A’Famosa and insisted on climbing up the fort, reckoning she wouldn’t actually leave without us – even if she did sulk all the way back to KL! So after a long hot climb, looking at remnants of Portuguese, Dutch and British occupations, who do I find at the top but St Francis Xavier – just like being in Gardiner St really ;-))

Finished off my KL trip with the KL tower by night to see the lights…